Gordon Cheng




Gordon Cheng will complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems - Information Technology at the end of this Fall 2018 semester. Gordon began as a member of Management Information System Association (MISA) in the Spring of 2017. He was recently a director of public events and student development in the Spring of 2018. Gordon is the  President for Fall 2018. He will attempt his best to bring out the best qualities of MISA. On his free time, he is looking for a new hobby.

Jorge A. Ruiz
VP of Administration




Jorge A. Ruiz is a senior majoring in Information Systems with an emphasis in Information Technology. He first joined MISA as a member in the Fall of 2017 after transferring from Los Angeles Valley College, where he earned an associate of arts in Economics. As the vice president of administration for the Fall of 2018, he is excited to work with his peers in order to achieve the proposed objectives. One of his main career goals is to specialize in cloud computing.

"Give the world the best that you have, and the best will come back to you"

–Madeline Bridges

Chiharu Fujiwara
VP of Finance







Chiharu Fujiwara is a senior majoring in Information System Business at CSUN. She first joined MISA as the director of membership where she got to meet and know new people in the department. As the Vice President of Finance for Fall 2018, she is investing in herself at MISA to develop her soft skills, improve her network and become successful in the future. In her free time, she loves to go hiking, go to the beach, and travel.

Mina Askander
VP of Events










Mina Askander is our Vice President of Events for MISA for Fall 2018. He joined MISA in Fall of 2017 and has been involved ever since. He is majoring in Accounting and Information Systems and he is excited to meet new members and to see returning ones. Mina is also looking forward to having an event filled semester for members and getting to know everyone. His hobbies are going to the beach, driving, hiking with his dog, trying all kinds of foods, working out, and playing golf.