Fall 2018 — Directors

Amir Mesbahi

Director of Technology



Amir Mesbahi is a senior majoring in Computer Information Technology. He first joined MISA as a member in September 2017. As the director of technology for the Fall 2018 semester, he is ready to streamline processes that were previously done by hand. During his free time, Amir likes to snowboard - weather permitting and enjoys exploring cloud services.

Jade Lim

Director of Publicity








Jade Lim joined MISA as a member in Spring 2018 and is now the Director of Publicity for Fall 2018. She's an international student from Malaysia majoring in Computer Information Technology and is set to graduate in May 2019! Jade joined the club to meet new people with like-mindedness and as a director now, she hopes to help MISA grow.

Juan Alvarado

Director of Meetings



Juan Alvarado joined MISA in Spring 2018 and looks forward to participating in all the events. His goal is to encourage, engage, and equip new and returning members with the necessary soft skills for the recruiting process. He believes in positively impacting the lives of everyone he meets. As the director of meetings, he will keep you fed and networking with professionals and peers. His personal mission is to help you live the life you worked so hard for. In his free time, he likes to hike, play video games and ride his dirt bike.

Marina Orojian

Director of Events








Marina Orojian is the director of events for the Fall 2018 semester at California State University, Northridge. Marina is a senior majoring in Information Systems and Accounting. Marina believes that she has a lot to contribute to a team environment and is comfortable in both leadership and player roles. Marina is looking for opportunities to learn new skills to advance her knowledge and experience. Marina's career goal is to integrate technology into business to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Erick Shahnazari

Director of Events



Erick Shahnazari is a senior double majoring in Professional Accountancy/Information Systems/Business Honors. He first joined MISA during the Spring Semester of 2018 to develop relationships with like-minded people and classmates from IS courses. Erick's goal with MISA is to bring in more value for the members with advice and tips for students trying to recruit with Accounting Firms through personal experience. He also likes to travel and do activities such as play Table Tennis and Ski.

Shelly Liao

Director of Membership








Xinya(Shelly) Liao is a junior double majoring in Accountancy and Information Systems at California State University Northridge. She is interested in the innovating technology changes currently happening in the business world. Shelly just started her first semester at CSUN and joined MISA right away to make more friends. She is excited to be part of the MISA family as the Director of Membership in the Fall of 2018. Shelly’s greatest interest is yoga, and she is a yoga instructor certified by Yoga Alliance.

David Murillo

Director of Finance








David E. Murillo is a senior majoring in Finance with a minor in Information Systems and is set to graduate in December 2018. He first joined MISA as a member in Fall of 2018 to network and build lasting relationships with like-minded people. As Director of Finance for Fall 2018, he is excited to work with his peers in order to meet club goals and to maintain the viability of the club.

Martin Hauck

Director of Social Media







I chose Information Systems as a major because it gives me the necessary tools and skills to succeed with current and upcoming technological changes in the business world. I want to use information technology to make a positive impact on the lives of others in the corporate world and outside of the realm of business. I decided to join MISA because I want to network with students and professionals while staying current with new developments in Information Systems. As Director of Social Media, I want to help all members to receive all club related information through a medium that is more efficient for students than traditional forms of communication. I am excited to be part of CSUN MISA.