Jorge A. Ruiz

Director of Technology


Jorge A. Ruiz is a junior majoring in Information Systems with an emphasis in Information Technology. He first joined MISA as a member in the Fall of 2017 after transferring from Los Angeles Valley College, where he earned an associate of arts in Economics. As the director of technology for the Spring of 2018, he is excited to work with his peers in order to achieve the proposed objectives. He is also a reptile enthusiast, his favorite reptile is the Amazon basin emerald boa, which he plans on acquiring sometime in the near future.

Mina Askander

Director of Meetings


Mina Askander is an Accounting student at CSUN and expresses great interest in technology and how it is being implemented in the business world. He is a car enthusiast, beachgoer, he likes nature and the outdoors. Mina joined MISA in Fall of 2017 and is now on the MISA board as the Director of Meetings.

Marduk Mooshlzadeh

Director of Digital Content


Marduk is an information systems major who joined Misa in fall 2017. Marduk is the director of digital content and plans to learn more than what he knows with software like photoshop, and publisher. His interests include technical findings, cars, and going out with friends/ colleagues. He hopes to make the best out of his time with MISA and to make long-term friends after college.

Joseph Franco

Director of Publicity


Joseph Franco will be a graduating senior with a degree in Business Information Systems for the Spring of 2018. Joseph also works for the state of California. Joseph loves sports, hanging out with friends and doing volunteer work on the weekends. Joseph joined MISA over 2 years ago and has always enjoyed meeting and networking with people of like-mindedness. Now as a director, Joseph hopes to do the very best he can and wishes to push MISA through new avenues and build upon the great work done by prior directors.

Aman Sharma

Director of Finance


Aman Sharma is a Junior Majoring in Information Systems with a minor in Management. While at CSUN, Aman has been a part of the New Student Orientation leader program as well as other involvements on campus. He joined MISA to meet more students and faculty related to the Information Systems field.

Emma Miller

Director of Events


Emma Miller is a senior at CSUN working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems. Emma is thrilled to give back to the club that helped her find direction in a rapidly evolving industry. As the 2018 Director of Events, she is excited to organize fun networking opportunities for MISA members. In her free time, Emma enjoys music, graphic design, and hiking.

Gordon Cheng

Director of Public Events


Gordon Cheng is a senior majoring in Information Systems Information Technology at CSUN. Gordon first joined as a member of MISA in the Spring of 2017. Gordon takes the role as the Director of Student Development with open arms and wants to help create an interactive student organization. MISA has taught him the value of networking, expanding the academic mind through an insight into real-world challenges and how communication builds a successful team. As the Director of Student Development, Gordon would like to home in skills in leadership and continue learning. In Gordon’s free time, he enjoys playing outdoor sports, running long distances and favors traveling.

Chiharu Fujiwara

Director of Membership


Chiharu Fujiwara is a junior majoring in Information System Business at CSUN. She is an international student from Japan and has been in the U.S. for almost 4 years. As the director of membership, she is excited to meet and get to know new people and make great connections. She is investing in herself at MISA to develop her skills, explore her creative side and become successful. In her free time, she loves doing yoga, going to the beach, watching the sky and traveling around.