Meeting: Deloitte on Data Analytics

Event Start Date:October 25, 2017Event End Date:October 25, 2017Event Venue:JH4117, 5pmSpeaker: Danni Topic: Data Analytics Location: JH4117 Time: 5pm

Speaker: Isis Leininger on 3D Printing

Event Start Date:October 11, 2017Event End Date:October 11, 2017Event Venue:JH2230, 5pmSpeaker: Isis Leininger Topic: 3D Printing Location: JH2230 Time: 5pm

Welcome Day

Event Start Date:September 14, 2017Event End Date:September 14, 2017Event Venue:Juniper HallBusiness Department welcome day! Located between Noski Auditorium and Juniper Hall.

Meeting: KPMG

Event Start Date:September 13, 2017Event End Date:September 13, 2017Event Venue:JH2230Speaker: Shawna Heinz

Meeting: EY

Event Start Date:September 6, 2017Event End Date:September 6, 2017Event Venue:JH4117Speaker: Stefan Oriold Topic: Risk and Advisory

Meet the Clubs

Event Start Date:September 5, 2017Event End Date:September 6, 2017Event Venue:CSUN

Meet the Firms

Event Start Date:September 19, 2017Event End Date:September 19, 2017Event Venue:The OdysseyThe Premiere Career Event of the Year

Membership Drive – Week 1

Event Start Date:August 28, 2017Event End Date:September 1, 2017Event Venue:Juniper HallWe will start accepting members starting on the first day of the semester. Membership fee is $20. We will be located at the tables in Juniper Hall, first floor.